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The typical proposal creation process requires many hours of consulting to develop compelling text, layout, and graphics. Those hours are expensive... and the consultant's rate is not the only expense. You often need to pay travel, hotel, car rental, per diem, etc. Just the expenses alone could add up to an additional $1,500/week or more... making the average cost for each part of the proposal more expensive. See our nifty comparison chart below:


At UNDERDOG, we have streamlined our process so that our proposal writers, editors, desktop publishers, and graphic artists work directly with you to ensure that you get the proposal that you need... and our FLAT-RATE pricing ensures that it is within your budget. Use our site "a-la-cart" and choose only what you need, or build your ultimate proposal team!


How we save you time and money:

  We work remotely to cut out the expense of travel and use technology to make it seem like we're not that far away.

  We work efficiently so that we can offer our services at flat rates and take the hourly guesswork out of your hands.

  We collaborate to ensure that we are always using the best practices and best methods to give you the best proposal possible.


Still unsure?

Proposal support is a big decision, you need to have the right partner to win your contract.  If you have questions about how we work or how to get started, call us toll-free at 1(844) 4-UNDERDOG (844-486-3373)

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